EasyLures Bass Best Bass Lures – Buyer’s Guide

Best Bass Lures – Buyer’s Guide

Fishing for bass is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of choices when you start shopping for gear. Below you will find picks for some of the best bass fishing lures and equipment on the market.

Bass Fishing
Black Bass are caught all over the country in lakes, streams, ponds, and even ditches. Numerous different species vary from location to location, but all are members of the sunfish family. Whether you are after smallmouth bass in your local stream or largemouth monsters in the lake out back, a little shopping can save you big money while you are outfitting your tackle box.

Best Lures For Bass 2018

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1. Rose Kuli Life-like Swimbait – As Real As It Gets

Available in eight designs of various shapes and colors, these Rose Kuli swimbaits feature a segmented body to get the most lifelike swimming action possible. These lures feature a clear plastic lip at the head of the bait that allows it to dive. This diving motion adds to the realistic swimming movement. The graphics and designs further add to the realism, and they feature lifelike colors, spots, stripes, and 3D eyeballs. These lures might look like a feast to the hungry bass in your lake.

Pre-rigged with sharp double treble hooks and measuring 3.8 inches long (6.5 inches including the plastic lip) and weighing 0.64 ounces, the eight Rose Kuli lures are each specially styled to look like a particular baitfish, making them perfect if you are trying to match the bass’ food sources in your lake. While designed for freshwater fish, anglers have also used these Rose Kuli lures successfully in saltwater.

Rose Kuli recommends a jerk bait approach to using the lure, making the lure float up and down. Vibrating the fishing rod gives the bait a lifelike wobble. In short, this swimbait works best when the fisherman provides some action. These crankbaits are topwater lures, designed to be cast near cover where bass may be hiding and retrieved actively. The lures swimming motion should get the basses’ attention and get a strike.
  • Segmented body for realistic swimming
  • Can be used in fresh or saltwater
  • Gravity ball helps improve cast distance and accuracy
  • Flexible fin and tail for greater realism and swimming action
  • A variety of different colorations and shapes are available
  • Might be great for sunny days
  • Plastic construction
  • Some designs may be a bit large for bass
Buy Rose Kuli Life-like Swimbait on Amazon – $9.99

2. Rapala Rattlin’ 05 – Shiny Noisemaker

Looking for a lure that will really get the fishes’ attention? These shiny, long-casting, and sinking lures come in a variety of color options. The simple design is pre-rigged with double treble hooks. This design offers an excellent wobbling swim action when retrieved at all speeds, whether slow or fast. This is a significant advantage as you can use the lure successfully throughout the year, slow for colder weather and quicker for warmer weather when the fish are more aggressive. According to Rapala, these lures are balanced to give them a signature wobble that makes them more effective. The Rattlin’ Rapala lure also features a “tuned” BB chamber to get just the right extra-loud sound to attract attention.

The Rattlin’ Rapala measures two inches long and weighs in at a third of an ounce. These lures are explicitly designed for freshwater fishing. They sink and swim slightly under the surface, making them shallow-water lures. This lure, with its rattle and slight sinking action, might make a great alternative to spinnerbaits on overcast days when your lure needs to draw extra attention.

  • Loud noise maker
  • A wide variety of colors are available
  • Wobble swim motion
  • Good size for average bass
  • Name brand lure with an excellent reputation
  • Swimming action provided by angler
  • Noise might spook some fish in some conditions
  • The lipless design makes a basic motion in the water
Buy Rapala Rattlin’ 05 on Amazon – $9.06

3. wLure Minnow Crankbait – Diving Jerkbait Set

These simple crankbait lures come in a six piece set. Each lure in the set is the same shape, with subtly different colorations to match different fish and different lighting conditions. Their coloration patterns are incredibly lifelike and realistic. The overall length is 3.25 inches, and they weigh half an ounce each. The wLure Minnow’s feature a front plastic lip that helps the lure dive to between one and three feet and gives it a swimming action upon retrieval. wLure classifies these lures as “wide wobble and slow floating jerk bait.” They come pre-rigged with size four treble hooks. Also included with the set is a basic plastic tackle box for storage.

There are four different sets of wLure crankbaits available. HC25 set described above features a simple bluegill shaped lure in a selection of six muted, natural silver colors. The HC549 set includes a variety of six smaller, more elongated fish in brighter colors, including bright orange, vivid green, and a yellow option. These lures measure 3.2 inches and weigh a quarter ounce. Both the HM262 and HM600 feature a long-bodied design which wLure calls their “Minnow.” Their overall length is 4.75 inches. Both of these sets include a variety of natural silver colorings plus vibrant stripes, yellows, reds, and greens. Between the four kits, you should have no trouble picking options that will work great in your location.
  • Makes a rattling noise
  • Lifelike markings
  • Lip for diving motion, swimming action
  • A bit substantial for bass bait
  • All one shape/type of fish
  • Plastic construction
Buy wLure Minnow Crankbait on Amazon – $20.00

4. InnoFun Tackle Lot – The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

This considerable tackle box includes everything you might need for your day out on the water and is geared toward freshwater fishing for bass, trout, or salmon.

The set includes six crankbaits, 12 metallic spoons, and over 60 soft baits. The plastic soft bait selection includes everything from small, simple worms to large, lifelike frogs. Realistic crawfish and flies are included too. Plus, the box comes with all the hooks, jig heads, leaders, and swivels you are likely to need.

  • Includes a wide assortment of lure options
  • Excellent selection of various shapes of soft baits – worms, flies, crawfish, frogs
  • A large variety of spoons
  • Crankbaits are of different shapes and colors
  • Might make a great gift
  • No spinners included
  • No weights included
Buy InnoFun Tackle Lot on Amazon – $20.66

5. Heddon Super Spook Jr. – Topwater Plug with Many Color Options

The famous Super Spook Jr. is a topwater lure that comes in a fantastic array of color choices. Colors are not simple gaudy attention getters; these beautiful lures are designed to match the baitfish of your prey. With enough color options to go pretty much anywhere, you are bound to find the Super Spook Jr. that works magic in your fishing hole.

These lures come pre-rigged with double treble hooks. It is a simple cigar shaped plug design that measures 3.5 inches in length. This lure is executed beautifully. Heddon recommends rigging to eight to ten-pound test line for best results and using a “walk the dog” cast and retrieve technique to simulate a wounded baitfish. The Super Spook Jr. is a favorite lure for use in fresh and salt water.

  • Many color options to match the hatch in your lake
  • High-quality construction
  • Name brand lure with an excellent reputation
  • No built-in swimming action, so it requires more angler input
  • Requires specific “walk the dog” technique
  • Cheap hooks, many anglers replace with higher quality, sharper hooks
Buy Heddon Super Spook Jr. on Amazon – $5.99

6. A-szcxtop Floating Popper Lures – Lowest Price for Bass

This set of five crankbait lures are bright and colorful. All are the same shape, but each lure has different colors for different conditions and locations for fishing on the lake. Included in this set are red/silver, neon green/black, silver/black, gold/black, and silver/red with spots. They all have lifelike red eyes, and all are rigged with double treble hooks and float. Each lure in the Type Two set is seven centimeters long and weighs nine grams.

With their open mouth design, these popping lures wobble and roll in a distinctive way, designed to attract fish. Their swimming action works equally well during slow or fast retrievals. Poppers are unique in their use of a hollowed, concave shape at the nose that causes them to move like distressed baitfish on the surface of the water. Poppers are topwater lures and are popular for bass fishing.

A-szcxtop sells five different sets of poppers, each containing between five and seven lures. Lures range from three to four inches long and weigh between a third and a half ounce. All of the sets come in a wide range of colors, with muted silver and gold lures as well as bright yellow, greens, and reds. The lures are packaged in a simple heavy duty plastic ziptop bag.

  • Simple design with a realistic swimming motion
  • Good color options
  • Great price
  • No box provided
  • Plastic construction
  • Receives mixed reviews with a few users reporting problems with their motion in the water
Buy A-szcxtop Floating Popper Lures on Amazon – $6.99

7. Plusinno 102-piece Lure Set – Great Selection of Lures for Bass

A complete tackle box with lots of options for catching bass, this 102-piece set even includes a tackle box to keep it all organized. The set includes a mixture of soft and hard baits, plus many accessories like circle hooks, swivels, bullet weights, and leaders.

The assortment of six crankbaits, each in various colors and shapes, are pre-rigged with double treble hooks. The kit also includes four metal spinners, each in a different color (red, yellow, purple, and blue are included). Softbaits include three extra large worms, two large plastic frogs (one green, one yellow), three large worms, and twelve smaller worms in assorted colors. Finally, the kit includes ten spoon lures, five shapes that each come in shiny silver or shiny gold.

In addition to lures, the kit comes with four jig heads, six copper bullet sinkers (seven gram and ten-gram weights), ten line stoppers, six stainless leaders, fifteen hooks in various sizes, and ten swivels. The included two-layer plastic tackle box keeps the set tidy and organized.

  • Nice assortment of fishing equipment
  • Could make a great starter set or gift
  • Spoons, spinners, and crankbaits appear to be higher quality than other mixed sets
  • No swimbaits or more elaborate hard lures included
  • No bobbers included
Buy Plusinno 102-piece Lure Set on Amazon – $26.99

8. Liquid Mayhem Crawfish Scent – Get Your Stink On

Liquid Mayhem comes in a two-ounce tube. This gooey liquid gets applied to your other lures to help attract fish. If the bass in your hole normally feed on crawfish, this might be the secret weapon you have been looking for. Made from real crawfish paste, the liquid is thick enough to stay on the lures while they are in the water. Liquid Mayhem claims the goo lasts 30 to 40 casts! You can use it on any lure, soft or hard. Liquid Mayhem bite stimulants are formulated to make artificial lures more like real ones, both to attract attention initially and to make the bait more appealing once bitten to prevent bass spitting lures out.

Additionally, Liquid Mayhem has UV coloring agents to make your lure more appealing in dark and murky waters. It is available in other scents as well, including shad and leech.

  • You can apply it to any lure
  • Stores more easily than other live baits
  • Works by attracting multiple senses – smell and sight
  • Makes lure less likely to get spit out
  • Messy and stinky – consider applying the night before with gloves and using a ziplock to store pre-treated lures.
Buy Liquid Mayhem Crawfish Scent on Amazon – $10.99

Buyer’s Guide

Black bass is widely fished for all over America, so much so that according to some sources they are the most sought-after game fish in the country. The fish are prized for their sporting fight on the line and wide distribution around the nation.

Bass fishing is a uniquely American pastime, as the history of how bass fishing became so popular shows. Largemouth bass proved themselves to be very hardy for transport, and as a result, were moved across country great distances during the railroad era of the 19th century. As settlers spread west, the bass was distributed into tank ponds, dammed creeks, and warmer lakes far from their native range. Likewise, smallmouth bass was introduced into eastern rivers that had been dammed, becoming too warm for native species like brook trout. Their hardiness enabled the bass to survive in pretty much any body of water they where they were introduced.

Early bass fisherman used flies that had been modified from trout fishing. In the 1950s and 1960s, bass fishing gained popularity, and more specific methods became available, including crankbait lures and spinning rods and reels. Since the 1990s there has been a resurgence of catching bass by fly fishing.

Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

While there are many species of black bass, the two most commonly known are smallmouth and largemouth bass. The largemouth bass is known for their tendency to make powerful runs to dive and hide, wrapping lures underneath sunken timbers and in foul bottoms. Smallmouth bass is more aerobatic when caught, tending to take leaps in attempts to throw out the hook.

Bass are known to hunt via their visual and olfactory senses. For this reason, baits that use smells associated with their regular food sources are an essential part of successfully fishing technique. Also, anglers will want to avoid getting “foreign” scents on their lures, lines, and rigs like sunblock or bug spray, which can throw off a cautious, but otherwise interested, bass.

Bass like to keep themselves under cover, so no matter where you are fishing look for an area that gives the bass some cover. They will be hiding, waiting to ambush something tasty, and hopefully pouncing on your lure too. The cover can come in many forms. Start by looking for docks, grasses, shade trees, logs, and lily pads.

The weather

The weather affects the bass’ behavior. Sunny days tend to make the bass want to stay under the shadowed covers, so the most effective bait is likely to be jigs, or soft baits dropped right into the shadows. On cloudy days with many shadows, bass is more likely to leave their covered areas to go hunting. These are good days to use spinnerbaits and topwater plugs to draw their attention from a distance. Windy days that kick up the water can stimulate the bass and make the fishing a bit easier since the churned up water, and extra noise will likely mask the presence of the boat and angler.

Techniques for bass fishing are as varied as the environments bass lives in, so it pays for the angler to do his or her homework. Attempt to be continually practicing new skills and stepping outside your comfort zone. If you are used to fishing in clear lakes and streams, try fishing in murky water for a chance to learn a new skill.

Remember to pick lures that “match the hatch.” Bass are known to feed on bluegill and shad, so make sure you have a few similar examples in your tackle box. Bass are pretty voracious, however, so don’t rule out other options, especially the small plastic baits. Whatever the bass in your lake of choice feeds on, try your best to make your offerings match their regular diet. Keep in mind that bass use their sense of smell to hunt, so consider a scented bait product along with suitable lures.

Typical types of lures

The most common lures used for bass fishing include spinners, crankbaits, plastic baits, and spoons. Spinners are lures that spin while being retrieved or trolled underwater, drawing attention. The spinning action also makes them a good choice when dealing with foul bottom conditions that might grab and steal other types of the lure. Crankbaits, or plugs, vary in form from simple stick baits to very elaborate swimbaits. They come in every color combination imaginable, but most are made to look as much like a bait fish as possible. Plastic baits are reuseable worms, crawfish, frogs, or flies made of silicone or rubber. You can rigg them in a variety of ways and are a staple in bass fishing. Finally, spoons are simple metal lures that cast easily and wobble on the retrieval. They are usually a shiny gold or silver (like bait fish) to draw attention.

Spinnerbaits are a favorite lure to use for bass fishing. They are especially useful on overcast, cloudy, or windy days. The motion of the spinner, when cast near the cover, attracts the fishes’ attention, drawing them out to chase the bait. When coupled with a shorter rod that can allow the angler to target the areas of water right near the cover, spinnerbaits can be amazingly helpful when conditions are right. For bright, sunny days when the fish less likely to be feeding, a jig or plastic bait may be a better choice.


A standard technique for casting with topwater lures is to “walk the dog.” This technique is mentioned explicitly with the Heddon Super Spook Jr. listed above and can be used with many topwater, cigar-shaped plugs. You’ll want to use medium or heavy rods, and you may prefer the action you get with braided line. Braided line has little or no stretch, so rod movements are translated to the lure more quickly. Casting the lure as far from the boat as you can, the work begins on the retrieval. With the tip of the rod down near the surface of the water, twitch it back and forth a few inches to pop the slack out of the line. This popping off the line gives the lure a distinctive movement, like an injured baitfish.


With the extensive distribution of bass in America, no matter where you live this is a sport you can try out. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, to get away from screens and devices, and to spend time with friends and family. While the broad range of products and techniques can seem intimidating, the most important thing to keep in mind is that even the pros never stop learning. Try a new lure, try a new method, and also try a new spot on your favorite creek or lake. So grab your favorite rod and get out on the water!

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