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Best Trout Lures & Tips

If you’re familiar with fishing at all, you know that making the big catch is a fine balance of natural skill, stalwart patience, and effective equipment.

Best Trout Lures
That is especially true if you plan on doing any trout fishing and catching anything. While there is little you can do to work on the first two, upgrading your fishing gear is a pretty easy tact, particularly if you don’t have to do the hard work of researching the best trout fishing lures. So if you want to be the next Joe Brooks or you simply want to be able to swap fish stories with the best of them, then check out this list of the best lures for trout fishing and learn more about what to look for in a good lure.

Top Trout Fishing Lures – The Best of the Best

PLUSINNObig fish, like
bass, trout, etc
Wild Watertrout, panfish,
ROSE KULItrout, bass,
yellow perch,
walleye, etc
blue, gold,
green, etc
Dynamictrout, bass,
walleye, carp,
assortedOut of stock
Supertriptrout, weever,
snakehead, etc
yellow, purple,
fuchsia, green,
yellow new
30 Piecebass, trout,
salmon, walleye,
spike and more
Heddontrout, redfish,
snook, etc
very big choose$10.45
Heddon Saltwaterbass, rock, trout,assorted$9.60
Choosing lure for trout fishing takes a little know how. Select an option from this best of the best list and know that you’re getting a solid choice without having to do all the research yourself.

1. PLUSINNO 16 Piece Trout Lures Spinner Set – Best Portable Variety Pack

If you are looking for the best assortment of lures to carry with you on your next trout fishing expedition, then you might want to consider the PLUSINNO Spinner Set. The set comes with 16 different trout lures each with sturdy treble hooks and brilliantly colored strike-attractor sleeves that can also be used for bass fishing. A favorite for its portability, the set also features a convenient carrying case that keeps all of the lures separate and organized.
The variety and portability aren’t the only benefits anglers seem to like about these lures, though. Each lure has a classic blade design that propels it through the water, creating a vivid, life-like swimming action. The different sizes, weights, and colors of each of the lures also make it easy if you need to mix things up when you’re out on the water.
While this is an all-around great portable spinner set, some fishermen do find the hooks to be large compared to the actual size of the hook. If you find that to be the case, consider switching out the hook prior to using. Likewise, the spinners are heavy enough that they are prone to sinking if they sit on the water too long. So you’ll want to perfect your technique to keep them moving on the water.
  • Effective, life-like design
  • Dynamic swimming action
  • Vivid colors to attract fish
  • Sturdy construction with sharp hook
  • Convenient portable carry case
  • Large hooks compared to lure size
  • Weighted enough to sink if immobile
Buy PLUSINNO 16 Piece Trout Lures Spinner Set on Amazon – $17.89

2. Wild Water 5/6 9’ Fly Fishing Starter Package – Best Starter Package Combo

If you are just getting your feet wet (literally and figuratively) with fly fishing, then the Wild Water Starter Package may be a good option for you. Named the best starter package, this combo includes everything you need to angle with the best of them. The package includes a 9 foot rod, arbor reel, installed line, backing and leader, rod sock and case, flies, a fly box, and an instructional booklet. It also comes with a spare leader, zinger, and nipper.
Just because this option is considered a start kit, though, doesn’t mean it’s only an amateur’s medium. The rod has a slow action IM8 graphite design with high-quality cork trim rings. The flies included are a combination of Black Ants, Parachute Adams, and God Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph, which provides enough variety for new and seasoned fishermen alike. Not only that, but the drag on the reel is smooth, making casting a breeze once you’ve gotten the hang of the motion.
The flies in this set are of the small variety. You may want to look into a few separate larger options if you’ll be doing any fishing in large, open water. Likewise, some anglers find the rod in this starter setup to be stiff. If you are looking for a more flexible rod, this may not be your first choice.
  • Great starter setup for new fishermen
  • As smooth and reliable as more expensive rod and reel combos
  • Sturdy construction that will hold up to continued use
  • Reliable warranty should any parts of the rod need replaced
  • Rod and reel manufactured in China (if you’re looking for American made)
  • Flies are small compared to some others
  • Some stiffness in the rod itself
Buy Wild Water 5/6 9’ Fly Fishing Starter Package on Amazon – $94.00

3. ROSE KULI Multi-Jointed Lifelike Swimbait Lure – Best Lifelike Lure

If you want a lifelike lure to attract hungry fish, then you might want to give the ROSE KULI Jointed Lure a try. Its multi-dimensional shape as well as its jointed body makes it look and sound like a real fish in the water. The details on this lure are impeccable – right down to its 3D holographic eyes.
However, it is not just the design of this lure that makes it a top pick. The ROSE KULI also has superior construction. So if you’re looking for a lure that will withstand the test of time, then this might be a good buy for you. The lure features 2 sharp rust-proof hooks and double metal earring connections to make it sturdy enough even for the biggest fish.
This lure has a complex design that is most attractive to fish when in motion. You’ll likely need some practice to get the action down and will have to intermittently vibrate your rod to make sure the lure stays in motion under the surface of the water.
  • Lifelike design and movement
  • Reusable artificial bait
  • Built-in gravity ball to increase throw distance
  • Stable, durable construction
  • Complex design takes time to get the action down
  • Primarily surface level lure
Buy ROSE KULI Multi-Jointed Lifelike Swimbait Lure on Amazon – $9.99

4. Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure – Best Priced Lure

If you are on a budget but still want a good lure, you should consider checking out the Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure. It’s a simpler design than some of the others, but it performs with the best of them. The lure has a lender, sleek profile that helps it glide through the water, and its inner chamber keeps it upright, mimicking live bait.
The lure also has a sturdy construction made of ABS plastic. So it can withstand some handling without showing signs of wear. And with its ultra-sharp size #10 treble hooks, even big fish will have no trouble staying on your line.
Depending on what size you’re looking for, you may need to find slightly larger options to keep in your tackle box alongside these lures, as some fishermen find these lures to be small. Additionally, these lures have a deeper dive compared to other trout options. So if you are looking for a shallow water lure, this likely won’t be your first choice.
  • Low profile and slender design
  • Realistic movement and action
  • Slow sinking lure with targeted dive depth
  • Multiple BB’s to create realistic rattle
  • Small design compared to other lures
  • Deeper dive than some lures with a slow retrieval
Buy Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure on Amazon – Out of stock

5. Supertrip Multi-Segment Swimbait Lure – Best Lure for 8 lb. Test Line

If you’re looking for the best lure to use with an 8 lb. test line, then you might want to give the Supertrip Segment Lure a try. This jointed fish is designed to resemble the movement of live bait with the convenience and longevity of a lure. The brilliant colors of the lure match those of actual bait fish very well and make this lure an effective temptation for several kinds of fish. The 3D eyes in this design also add to the realism of this lure.
This lure can be used in various conditions at different speeds and different water depths. Its one of the more versatile of the many lures out there. Ideal for not only trout. Also catfish, weever, snakehead, and mandarin, the lure can be used for fresh and saltwater fishing.
As solid of a design as this lure has, it does require some avid attention and technique to get the right appearance in the water. You’ll need to practice reeling very quickly to get the best movement with this lure. Additionally, the hooks on this lure run small. So you may have better luck with changing them out to your preferred hook before taking them out on the water.
  • Realistic colors and design
  • Multi-segment for more realistic movement
  • Versatile use in fresh and salt water
  • Flexible yet durable construction
  • Design requires fast reeling for best movement
  • Fast sinking calls for extra attention when fishing in structure
  • Hooks smaller compared to some
  • Design may cause snags when in water
Buy Supertrip Multi-Segment Swimbait Lure on Amazon – $7.99

6. 30 Piece Fishing Lure Crankbait Set – Best Multipurpose Combo

If you want a set of lures that you can take nearly anywhere and have something to use, this 30 piece lure set might be a good option for you. With treble hook topwater baits ranging in length from 1.57 to 3.66 inches, the set includes all of the most popular lures – crankbaits, minnow lures, poppers, and lipless lures. And each lure is fixed with 2 sharp stainless steel treble hooks, so you don’t have to add your own.
With vibrant colors, these lures are great for attracting freshwater and saltwater fishes, including trout, bass, salmon, spike, and walleye among others. This set can be used in locations ranging from lakes to rivers and even the ocean as well as all seasons, whether you’ll be fishing in the winter, spring, or summer. This combination of lures is also good for those fishermen who are just getting started and trying to build a working set of lures. Plus, if one is lost to a stump or snag, it’s not too great of a loss.
As versatile as this set is most of the lures are lightweight and aren’t the best option if you’ll be using a baitcaster. Additionally, you may find that you need to fine-tune the adjustments on some of the lures before using them to get the best action in the water. Some anglers also prefer to change out the hooks on these lures to get the most reliability out of the lures.
  • Multipurpose lure set ideal for various locations
  • Vibrant realistic colors
  • Complete lures each with 2 treble hooks included
  • Competitive price for multiple lures
  • Quality lures with rattlers for realistic movement and sound
  • Lightweight, not ideal for baitcasters
  • Ready to use but may need some fine-tuning to adjust action in water
  • Dainty hooks may need replaced before use
Buy 30 Piece Fishing Lure Crankbait Set on Amazon – $19.49

7. Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure – Best Small Construction Lure

If you are looking for a smaller lure that can perform as well as the full-size lures available, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure might be a good place for you to start. This lure features the same tough construction as the full-sized Super Spook but in a smaller more opportunistic size. With its realistic coloring and movement make it an ideal option for any topwater fishing opportunities. Not only that, but its rugged line ties and sturdy hooks make it able to withstand even the most frenzied charges from schooling fish.
This lure is ideal for use with the “walking the dog” technique, but once you have that perfected, the fish go crazy over this lure. The lure is also pretty versatile and can be used for fresh and saltwater fishing as well as for attracting trout, redfish, bass, snook, and even tarpon. It is a great go-to lure for unfamiliar water or even when the fish are just biting slowly.
These lures are ideal for topwater fishing, but they do require the “walk the dog” technique, or they won’t perform as well. If that’s not a technique you’re familiar with, this may not be the best lure for you. You may also find the hooks to be a bit dull and choose to replace them before taking them out on the water for the best experience.
  • Great topwater lure
  • Outstanding design and action
  • Effective coloring and construction
  • Versatile use in multiple situations
  • Reliable construction like the full-sized Super Spook
  • Blunt hooks may need replaced prior to use
  • Design requires “walk the dog” technique and may take time to master
Buy Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure on Amazon – $10.45

8. Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure – Best Topwater Lure

If you’ll be fishing topwaters and want the best lure for the shallows, then you may want to pick up a Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure. Some anglers have been known to say that “Fish don’t just hit a Super Spook; they attack it!” Like the Super Spook Jr., this lure is ideal with the walking the dog technique, but if you can get that down, then you’re almost guaranteed to get the fish biting with this lure.
A great option for both fresh and salt water, the Super Spook can also be used to catch trout, bass, and rock among others. Their unique construction also perfectly mimics the action of a wounded baitfish, making it nearly impossible for oncoming fish to ignore. Its sturdier construction also makes it a great lure to use with larger species, as it will hold up to even the most voracious fish.
With three hooks on each lure, some find this lure to be labor intensive, particularly if they are fishing in a “catch and release” location. If you find that to be the case, you can actually remove the middle hook to have one less hook to deal with after a catch. This is a floating top water lure made with a plastic shell and rattle. So it is not weighted at all and won’t give you much depth if that’s what you’re looking for in a lure.
  • Multiple hooks for greater hooking power
  • Realistic design to attract more fish
  • Ideal for multiple kinds of fish
  • Light option good for use in topwater fishing locations
  • Multiple hooks to remove from any catch
  • Some corrosion when used in salt water fishing
  • Hook strength varies slightly and may need to be changed out
Buy Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure on Amazon – $9.60

Choosing Trout Lures vs Bait

Where bait was once the go-to option for trout fishing, today’s lures are actually much more effective. In fact, the right lure with a reliable spinner rod may be the best way to hook the big ones you’re looking for. Especially if you are fishing in deep streams.

Key Features in Trout Fishing Lures

Choosing the right lure will often mean coming home with the fixings for your next fish fry or leaving the pond empty-handed. Like most other aspects of trout fishing, there is a bit of a learning curve to finding the right lure as well. Fortunately, most of the hard work has been done for you in the top picks above.

But if you want to take it a step further and be able to choose your perfect lure, you’ll need to learn some of the key aspects to look for in the right lure. Use these suggestions as a guide, and you should be well on your way to being able to pick your best lure no matter where you are.

Your method of fishing will largely determine what type of lure you need. Most anglers who use the spinner method prefer a rooster tail lure with a lightweight spinner rod. However, you can also effectively use a grub tail or jig lure with this technique. If you’ll be doing more shallow water fishing, a lightweight lure that will skim along the surface is a better option. And if you’re going to be doing any wading into slightly deeper waters, you’ll need a weighted option that will hang just below the surface.

Depth and Location

That said, depth and location are also important factors when considering lures. A good rule of thumb is to go larger and heavier with your bait the deeper the water gets. In wade-able water, though, a fly rod and fly lures tend to be your best option.

Fast or Slow

Water movement also affects what type of lure you’ll need. Fish behave differently in still water versus moving water. If you’re fishing in moving water, like a river, the fish will be moving closer to the bottom and looking up. In this scenario, you’ll want a waited lure that lowers into the water without dragging. So your big catch doesn’t have to chase it very far. If you’ll be angling in still water, you’ll need a lure that won’t pass under the fish you’re trying to attract.

You’ll also want to consider what it is you’re trying to imitate. While insects do play a role in the diet of a trout, small fish are more likely candidates for mealtime. Small jigs and lures that imitate wounded baitfish are your best bet. So make sure you find a lure that is not only realistic in its shape and color but also its action on the water. Smaller more discrete hooks are also a good bet when you’re trying to hook a trout.

The right lure can make all the difference in the outcome of your next fishing expedition. If you consider where you’ll be fishing and what rod you’ll be using, and then choose a lure from the list, you should have a successful trip and return home with more than just fish stories to tell.

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