EasyLures Pike Best Pike Lures – Buyer’s Guide

Best Pike Lures – Buyer’s Guide

Pike is a formidable foe and can cause your dreary day on the water to be filled with action-packed excitement. Pike make popular targets for anglers in freshwater lakes throughout North America.

Pike Fishing
These fast and powerful fish are top-tier predators in most of their environments, so they can get quite large and are a lot of fun to catch. With many lures on the market, it can be daunting to figure out which ones will give you the optimal chance of landing your dream catch. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pike fisherman looking for an edge this season, one of these lures just might make your trip a whopping success.

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yellow perch,
trout, etc
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gold, point,
snake and more
Yongzhipike, walleye,
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Smartbaitspike, bassdynamic$9.99
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Out of stock
BlitzBitebass, pike,
musky fishing
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Lixadapike, muskieon your choose$9.99
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1.Rose Kuli Multi Jointed Fishing Lure – Best Choice

This lure comes in 10 different designs, and in a wide array of colors and shapes. They look and swim just like fish, making them attractive to predator fish. They are designed to target a wide variety of fish, including trout, pike, walleye, and bass, and are suitable for both freshwater or saltwater use.

Rose Kuli lures specializing in making super life-like lures that have a realistic swimming motion in the water. The bodies of the lures are segmented into several parts, allowing the lure to move and swim through the water in a very realistic manner. The segments connect with a durable fabric. They have an internal weight, a “gravity ball,” which helps makes your cast smooth and travel farther. You can also drag the lure, creating a rattling noise while swimming which aids in attracting fish in murky water.

Several other features also add to the realism of these lures: the paint scheme and colors are incredibly life-like. The 3D holographic eyes are attention-getting, too! Several of the versions feature a clear plastic lip on the front for deeper diving action. Some versions do not use these lips; these lures are suitable for surface use or use with separate weights.

These hardy lures are strong enough to pull in big fish; they come pre-rigged with two number 6 treble hooks mounted on sturdy metal loops.

  • Articulated and realistic “swimming” design
  • Super-realistic design and colors
  • Very durable, textile fabric for segments
  • Gravity weight improves casting distance and makes noise when swimming
  • A variety of sizes and colors are available
  • Limited color options
  • Not all are available with a lip for diving/sinking
Buy Rose Kuli Multi Jointed Fishing Lure on Amazon – $8.49

2.Yongzhi Micro Metal Jig Lures – Simple and Effective

These eye-catching jig lures come in 4 or 5-packs, in either a reflective gold color or a more realistic multicolored design. Each lure in the pack is a different design. Being light jigs, they flutter and dart through the water like baitfish, grabbing the attention of feeding fish.

Yongzhi offers two very different selections: one is a set of four simple gold metal lures, a combination of spoon lures pre-rigged with number 4 treble hooks and in a variety of shapes. The different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses produce various motions in the water for different fishing situations. The hump-backed shape makes a wiggling action while the spoon shape works mostly by sight in clear waters.

The second available set of Yongzhi is a multicolored pack of five straight jigs. Pre-rigged with a single circle hook, these jigs come in black/silver, yellow/silver, blue/silver, red/silver, and rainbow colors. They also feature realistic looking eyeballs and a simple skirt on the hook to prevent fouling.

Their asymmetrical design causes fluttering and darting to draw attention to these 2.75-inch lures.
  • Very shiny, etched metal designs are attention-grabbing
  • Motion in the water attracts fish
  • Inexpensive and simple
  • A variety of shapes and colors are offered
  • Less realistic design
  • Small, for smaller fish
Buy Yongzhi Micro Metal Jig Lures on Amazon – Out of stock

3. Smartbaits Bait Lures – Color Changing to Attract Attention

These soft and hard baits change color as they move through the water, attracting your prey’s attention. Smartbaits’ attractive lures bring results with all types of fish, specifically bass, pike, walleye, trout, and snook. Their color changes at 65 to 87 degrees and this astounding technology keeps working, cast after cast.

Smartbaits offers a variety of package sets, including a 24-piece collection specifically for bass and pike fishing. These worm-style baits come in specially selected colors that might get the big pike interested.

Also available from Smartbaits are hard bait options like their Smart Vibe, a 3-inch, 3/4 once sinking lure that comes pre-rigged with double treble hooks. This crankbait features the same color changing technology as its soft bait counterparts and is appropriate in a variety of fishing areas, both fresh and salt water.
  • Color changing technology
  • A wide variety of size, shape, and color choices available
  • Inexpensive (comes in sets)
  • Not pre-rigged: use your own leader, hooks, and weights
  • May not catch the big guys’ attention
Buy Smartbaits Bait Lures on Amazon – $9.99

4.Dynamic Lures – Lowest Price

Dynamic Lures offers a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, and these realistic looking lures have a built-in BB chamber to make a rattling noise. Curious predator fish might be very interested in these low priced lures!

Dynamic Lures come in ten different color options. The color options are very realistic, with several trout and perch options as well as some more garish colors for murky waters when you need to grab extra attention. All are pre-rigged with size number 10 double treble hooks and feature a small plastic plane on the front which allows the lure to sink to about two feet below the surface while being retrieved. These are topwater lures designed for use at or near the surface.

These lures are 2.25 inches long and are ready to go fishing.

Simply tie them onto your line and go. Snap swivels are not recommended since you will get better control when tied directly to your line.
  • Lowest price
  • Realistic design
  • Rattling, noise maker design
  • Slow sinking, 0-2 feet
  • No swimming or other motion requires fisherman to add his own
Buy Dynamic Lures on Amazon – Out of stock

5.BlitzBite 8-inch Multi-Jointed Swimbait Lure – Big, Realistic Bait

The BlitzBite lure features an articulating design to give the lure a swimming motion through the water. These sinking lures are huge at 8 inches long. If you are on the hunt for the big one, you might want to consider one of these oversized lures. Available in four different designs and colors, they are hyper-realistic and perfect for pike, bass, or musky. The BlitzBite lures are pre-rigged with double treble hooks.

  • Life-like swimming motion
  • Biggest size available
  • Built-in rattle for attention-getting
  • Fast sinking
  • Multiple color options for different days/hatches
  • Plastic construction
  • Easily fouled in weeds
  • Only four colors available
Buy BlitzBite 8-inch Multi-Jointed Swimbait Lure on Amazon – $16.90

6.Lixada 8-inch Multi-Jointed Swimbait – Specifically for Pike

Specifically made to attract pike and musky, these big swim baits feature a very eye-catching and realistic design. With 3D life-like eyes and quick diving action, these lures come in eight different colors. They are pre-rigged with double treble hooks and measure eight inches from head to tail.
  • Specifically for pike and musky
  • Realistic design with lively colors and 3D eyes
  • Life-like swimming action
  • Large size perfect for larger catches
  • Plastic construction
  • Come to surface quickly unless reeled in very slowly
  • Easily fouled in weeds
  • Expensive
Buy Lixada 8-inch Multi-Jointed Swimbait on Amazon – $9.99

7.Sougayilang Spoon Jig Lures – Simple Eye-Catching Jig Lures

These simple spoon jigs vibrate in the water to attract attention. With realistic 3D eyes and vivid colors, these baits hunt a variety of species including bass, snapper, flatheads, and trout. They come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Sougayilang lures are a hybrid offering that gives you the simplicity of the spoon design with some of the features usually found in crankbaits: realistic details, multiple hooks, and a variety of colors. So, these can be used as general bait. They are pre-rigged with two treble hooks and are about 3.5 inches total length (including hooks). They feature a simulated feather on the rear hook which adds vibration and a swimming motion to the lure as it is reeled in. The 4-pack includes yellow, red, green, and blue versions and they are suitable for any water depth or current.
  • Variety of colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Multiple tow points for various depths and currents
  • Steel ball to produce a rattling noise
  • Small size, may be appropriate for young pike
Buy Sougayilang Spoon Jig Lures on Amazon – $11.99

What You Need to Know About Lures

Finally, there are six types of lures, all offering specific advantages and disadvantages. While nearly any of these are effective for pike fishing, the most commonly used are spoons, jigs, plastic baits, and crankbaits.


Spoons work great for a lot of different types of fishing. They look merely like a spoon (without a handle) and a hook attached. This simple design works great since it wobbles as the fisherman reels it in, a motion that when combined with the reflective surface of the spoon, attracts a lot of fish attention. Large spoons are used to get species like pike, walleye, and bass.


Jigs lend themselves to different types of fishing but are generally used in situations where there is a risk of the lure getting lost in weeds, timber, or rocks. These are the cheapest types of lures, so if there is a chance it might get lost it would be preferable to lose a jig versus a more expensive crankbait. Jigs are retrieved using an up-and-down motion and usually come pre-rigged with a hook and often feature a wire guard or brush to keep them from getting fouled in weeds.

Plastic Worms

Plastic bait is commonly used in bass fishing and has now expanded beyond worms: there are plastic crayfish, salamanders, and grubs…pretty much anything fish might want to eat (or might be remotely interested in checking out) has been made. These are used in combination with other bits of your fishing kit: when combined with circle hooks and sinkers, you can create a different rig for different environments.

Crankbaits or Plugs

These lures are designed to be cast out and then brought back in. Several different types are available, including swimming baits that move from side to side or “swim” as they move through the water. Minnow lures have a lip on the front of the body, which causes the lure to twitch as it’s retrieved. Similarly, diving lures have a more substantial lip that forces the lure to dive deeper the faster it is recovered. Topwater lures lack these features and are usually simple stick baits that require the fisherman to give them any action.


A spinner can be used when other types of lures would get fouled in weeds or grass. These lures feature a propeller or teardrop shaped spinning blade. These can be retrieved quickly, which causes them to skip off the surface of the water. Alternatively, they can be allowed to sink where they will bounce along uneven contours on the bottom.


There are many different types of flies, but they are all attempting to replicate the look and motion of an insect on the surface of the water. Some are designed to sink, mimicking a drowning fly. Used primarily for trout fishing, fly fishing is usually done with special rods, reels, and lines.

Lure Size, Color, and Shape

The species you are after determines what lure you should use. Smaller jigs and spoons are great for smaller prey like sunfish, crappie, or perch. Larger spinners and crankbaits are great for bigger fish like pike and walleye.

The color of the bait is often dictated by the weather: if it is bright and sunny, you will want to use bright colors. A brightly colored bait can also help in very muddy water and in low-light, where it will stand out and be very visible. If it is dark and dreary, you will want to use dark, drab colors. Some baits, like those made by Smartbaits, can change colors as they swim through different temperature water. Consider these if you are working a thermocline area where the change might be noticed by your prey.

Another school of thought used by many fishermen is that the color and shape of bait should “match the hatch,” simply meaning that you want your bait to match the natural food in the area in which you are fishing. If crawfish are common, use a bait that is red and black colored like a crawfish. If bluegill is common, use a bait that simulates bluegill. You want your bait to stand out only as much as an easy meal should! Many crankbaits feature very realistic markings that look just like bait fish when swimming through the water. Try to pick one that matches the bait in the lakes that you frequent.

Many lures contain BBs or weights which rattle and make a noise. This is very helpful in murky water where it can attract attention. For whatever reason, in clear water where fish are used to hunting with its eyesight, this noise seems to spook them more than interest them.

About Pike

With all this in mind about the lures, what about the fish we are hunting? Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for pike fishing lures.

Pike are native to the northern hemisphere and can be found in fresh or brackish water, usually large lakes and slow streams. Northern Pike is ambush predators who like to stay near rocks and weed beds. They do not school, but will often follow schools of other fish. They feed on other fish, including other pikes.

Pike are big fish that can get up to about 20 pounds and 3 feet long. The world record, if you are wondering, was a 55-pound monster caught in Germany. Since these large fish won’t waste their time on small minnows and such, you will want to get a bigger bait, in the six to eight-inch neighborhood.

Play with me

Pike are known to play with your bait, so if the fish doesn’t run right away, don’t try to set the hook. Wait and see if the fish strikes back. You will also want to fish in weedy areas where the pike will be hiding waiting to ambush their prey. They also use their eyes to hunt, so gaudy colored lures can’t hurt either. Favor bigger lures since these fish have big appetites and have eyes bigger than their stomachs!

When fishing for such large prey, also consider the rest of your fishing gear. To go after the big guys, you are going to need medium to heavy duty rods and reels, strong braided line, and metal leaders. Pike have very sharp teeth that can effortlessly cut through braided or monofilament leaders.

One last note about pike: after you’ve made your big catch, be very careful getting that hook out! The pros carry very long needle-nose pliers for the purpose. Those teeth are sharp!


What is the best lure to use to catch pike? To successfully land the big one, remember to think like the fish! Think about what the weather is like that day, what makes the most appealing meal to a pike, and how you can cast and position your lure to be most attractive. Is the water murky? If so, you might consider a lure with a noise maker.

Are you trying for the largest pike? Choose a lure that is big! Are you fishing in waters where the lure might get caught by weeds or grass? Choose a jig or a spinner to improve your chances of retrieving the lure. Are you willing to invest in the priciest lure in the hopes that its high quality will last, cast after cast, and pay back the investment with the biggest fish? Whichever lure you choose, you are sure to have a thrilling day on the water.

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